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Aircharge Microsoft Mobile

Use your Microsoft mobile cellular handset to run manual credit card transactions wherever you are,  24 hours a day with confidence! Get real-time approvals at the point-of-sale. Aircharge's Microsoft mobile application is easy to use and cost effective.

Decide which features your company and employees need: Configure each handset with the options that apply to your particular needs.  Track information that is important to you to accompany the credit card transaction. Control what functions each handset can perform.

AIRCHARGE PC main screenExamples include:

  • Order / Invoice Number Entry
  • Tip Entry
  • Other Amount Entry
  • Disable Refund
  • Authorization Only
  • Tech Support Screen
  • Setup Verify

Achieve security and fraud protection with:

  • SSL 128 Bit Encryption for all payment transactionsNo access to previous card data information by user
  • Refund and Authorization Only transaction types can be disabled on individual handset installations
  • Additional fraud protection with the use of AVS and CVV2

Other notable Aircharge features include:Compliance with VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX regulations in regard to the storage and viewing of credit card information. (Aircharge recommend that customers perform a credit card imprint and obtain a customer signature to protect from fraudulent charge-backs activities).

Q: How do I download Aircharge software to my Microsoft 7 phone?

A: Go to the Market on your Microsoft device.and search for "Aircharge".  Select the Aircharge application icon and install it.  After the installation is complete you should see the AIRCHARGE program on your Microsoft device.

Q How do I setup my Aircharge solution ?

A: Scroll to the AIRCHARGE application and launch the program. Press the about button and write down the Phone ID.  Contact Aircharge at 866-718-2800, press 4 for unit activations. An Aircharge agents will assist you through the activation process and train you in the use of our product. Aircharge performs software setups during normal business hours only, (M - F from 9am to 5:00pm CST.  - PLEASE DO NOT CALL FROM THE CELL PHONE BEING ACTIVATED)

For more information - CLICK HERE - to view Aircharge's Microsoft user manual