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Welcome Sprint Customers!
Thank you for your interest in AIRCHARGE

AIRCHARGE® - The Evolution of Mobile Payments Starts Here.

Stay Ahead of the Curve.

If you wish to process mobile payments and need a flexible and cost effective mobile payments solution, then AIRCHARGE is just the ticket.  Benefit from fast and secure mobile card payments, printed receipts, qualified card rates and real-time batching – all from one, turnkey bundled package.

Plus, through our longstanding partnership with Sprint, we deliver the most sophisticated mobile payments package and communication options in the industry.

Phone Compatibility – Conduct Mobile Business with Ease

Do you have an Android, Blackberry or Sprint / Nextel handset device? Then you’re in business with AIRCHARGE.

AIRCHARGE is compatible with virtually every cell phone/PDA device that’s in the marketplace today. And, our payments software is compatible with most leading Android, Blackberry, cell phones and Sprint / Nextel handset devices.

Examples Include:

·     - Apple -  Any iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (IOS 5 & 6)
- Android - Any Android device with software version 2.2 to 3.x, 4.1.1 & Above
Blackberry - Any 8000 or 9000 series Blackberry (NO TOUCHSCREEN MODELS)
- Sprint - DuraMax, DuraCore and DuraXT
- NEXTEL - (Motorola i880, i870, i776, i680, i686, i615, i605, i580, i576, i365 and i335)

If you don’t see your cellular device listed, that doesn’t necessarily mean your phone isn’t compatible. Please check with an AIRCHARGE representative for details.

AIRCHARGE requires that a data plan be activated and that the AIRCHARGE SOC code be added to your Sprint / Nextel handset.  For assistance, your Sprint representative will be happy to help.

For simple, step-by-step information on how to download the AIRCHARGE software to your mobile device, the help you need is right at your fingertips. Please CLICK HERE to view / download our user manuals.

Sleek Hardware, Effortless Business

We’ve paired our robust mobile payments package with the most leading technology in the industry.  Simply connect your Android, iPhone or other cellular devices to the AirBLUE Mini unit and you’re on the way to fast and secure payments processing.

And, for additional convenience, all the Sprint / Nextel handsets listed above are compatible with the AIRCHARGE AirBLUE Mini – an all-in-one card swiping and printer device. 

CLICK HERE for more information on the AirBLUE Mini and how to add it to your shopping cart.  Instructions on how to configure and use the AirBLUE Mini unit are available in our AIRCHARGE user manuals.  Additionally, all AIRCHARGE hardware comes with a one-year parts and labor warranty. So you can process your payments with additional confidence and ease. CLICK HERE for more information on the AirBLUE Mini for Apple devices.

Merchant Account Flexibility
Fast, Simple Set-Up with Increased Choice and Convenience

With AIRCHARGE, you have increased choices and flexibility.  You have the ability to provide your own gateway account for transaction routing.  Or, let us* do it for you. Simply reach out to our AIRCHARGE sales support staff at 866-718-2800 press 2.

*Subject to a one-time $50 set up fee.CLICK HERE

AIRCHARGE Ordering and Activation Process

  1. Customer obtains or already has a compatible Sprint/NEXTEL handset.
  2. Customer has contacted Sprint to activate a data plan and add the required AIRCHARGE SOC code. (PDSCHARGE)
  3. Customer orders hardware and gateway fee (if required).
  4. Customer completes Gateway Agreement form and sends back to AIRCHARGE.CLICK HERE
  5. Customer order is shipped by AIRCHARGE, and tracking information is sent via email to customer.
  6. AIRCHARGE recommends that customer downloads and reviews user manual. CLICK HERE
  7. Customer receives Payment Gateway Activation Welcome email.  Follow the directions in the email to activate and log into the gateway account.  Each gateway has unique requirements to activate, as indicated by gateway below:
    • SecurePay - No additional tasks required.
    • - Once you have completed the account account activation you must create an API Login and Transaction key**.  Instructions on how do this are included below. Please note: It is VERY IMPORTANT to change your account out of TEST Mode to LIVE Mode or NO transactions will process.
  8. Customer receives their AIRCHARGE hardware.  Customer removes hardware from the box and follow unit charging instructions.
  9. Customer calls Aircharge to activate their system.  Aircharge activations group can be reached Monday - Friday-, from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. CST at 1.866.718.2800, then press 4 for activations.
  10. Activation department configures downloaded software to the customer. Training will be provided and a test transaction run to confirm communication to merchant account.
We thank you for your interest and look forward to having you as a customer.


866.718.2800, ext 2 (Sales & New Customer Support)
866.718.2800, ext 4 (Activations)

** - Creating Your API Login ID and Transaction Key

  • Log into the Merchant Interface at
  • Click Account from the main toolbar.
  • Click API Login ID and Transaction Key under General Security Settings.
  • Enter your Secret Answer to your Secret Question in the field provided. You should have configured a Secret Question and Secret Answer during account activation.
  • Click Submit. The API Login ID and Transaction Key generated for your payment gateway account will appear.
  • Cut and paste into an email the API Login ID and the Transaction Key and send an email to  Please include your company and contact information.
  • Customer calls AIRCHARGE to activate their system.  AIRCHARGE activations group can be reached Monday – Friday, from 9:00 a.m. –  5:00 p.m., CST at 1.866.718.2800, then press 4 for activations.